Christianshavns Gymnasium

 A school in the city

Christianshavns Gymnasium is an upper secondary school situated at the centre of Copenhagen and in one of the most attractive parts of the city: Christianshavn.

Christianshavn is a unique neighborhood brimming with atmosphere and tradition. The neighborhood attracts a mixture of people, from bohemians to business people. Old buildings are changed into new and posh condos or offices, and over the last decade, Christianshavn has become one of the most sought after and trendy places to live.

Christianshavns Gymnasium

Christianshavns Gymnasium has 770 students and 100 teachers and staff members, who all participate in creating the learning environment and special atmosphere which are hallmarks of our school.

We are located in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Denmark, at the centre of our capital. The scale of our school buildings may be small, but we have plenty of room to learn, explore, grow and understand.

Our visions for the school and students are ambitious. Our main goals are academic proficiency, democracy and internationalization. Our students are met with high demands, but we treat each other and our surroundings with respect. These things combined create the school spirit which Christianshavns Gymnasium, or “CG” as we call ourselves, is known for.

Our students are generally very active: In the many clubs and committees of the school; student council, academic competitions, the school musical and various extracurricular activities: school choir, art, sports and humanitarian projects. We support these activities because we believe they contribute to the development of the students’ personal skills and academic competences.